Your Involvement - 3

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3. When was the first time you came across details of the Clause 14/4/9? [See Note B for further info]

Helping points: how did you find out the information? Where from? What was your feeling/emotion when you saw the news?

Your Involvement - 4

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4. Tell us in as much detail as possible how you got involved in opposing the Clause?

Helping points: what motivated you to take/engage with particular activities; what was your evaluation/judgement at the time, of what you were engaged in; elaborate on each specific activity

Your Involvement - 6

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6. During the debates on the Clause in the media, these comments, views and opinions were expressed [see Note C for example]…what is your reaction to these?

Helping points: how do you think their comments came about? What would you say to people who shared these emotions? Do you think there are any ways in which to reach out to people who have none or little knowledge or experience of Deaf people and their language/culture?

Your Involvement - 5

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5. Were you interviewed by the media (newspaper, radio, television, etc.) during at the time or did you discuss with anybody who had been interviewed?

If yes, helping points: who interviewed you (other person); how did it come about; how did you feel during the interview; how did the media portray you/the subject during the programme for which you were interviewed?

Your Involvement - 7

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7. How and in what way do you feel the media and politicians influenced the debate on the Clause.

Helping points: what responsibilities do you believe Journalists, MP’s and Politicians hold in relation to the course the debate followed?